Added by on 2021-03-18

Close your eyes and take a ride with the artist known as “J Whoody.” His lyrics are smooth and they flow like honey as it pours down a mountain. Yes, he has the swag that’s been missing for a while in the game. His latest releases, “Beep” and “Bigger Picture” are followed by his NEW release, “Make You Mine” which made its debut on Valentine’s Day, 2021.

He inked a deal with Our Cutt Records in 2016 and it’s been on ever since. He released his mixtape, Black Money World,” a compilation of songs recorded with super platinum producer, K Mack. After losing his father to the streets, he turned to music as his outlet. He poured his soul into his music and you can feel it in every bar.

Publicist Lynn Hobson expressed, “J Whoody is a breath of fresh air for this generation of rappers. He will have you at ‘hello’ when he grabs the microphone. The time is right. All he has to do is walk through the door. In addition I’d like to add, when he dropped his mixtape, “The Basement Story” in 2019. Released on All Mix tapes, SoundCloud, and Live Mix tapes, ‘J Whoody’ won amongst his peers. So he has what it takes to make it. I’m here for it all.”