Added by on 2022-12-13

Harlem, NY Singer and songwriter Deon Young is back with a massive R&B mashup for his new song “Kno My Name”. He not only is meshing R & B with the New Jersey dance mix sound. Deon Young’s mantra is HELLOOOOO which has taken the streets by storm in NYC and throughout New Jersey. When Deon Young is out at industry events his supporters would yell back HELLOOOOO as reassurance that they see his success and movement. Deon Young snagged An Alicia Key sample for “Kno My Name” single. 

Deon Young dropped his new single “Kno My Name”; the visual is a complete look at Deon’s lavish lifestyle and love for women. He will soon release a new album titled “Kissing On A Saturday” produced and engineered by PremeDream. “Kno My Name” is one of those tracks with a sample by Alicia Keys that you would not expect to have an automatic mashup to keep you dancing and moving your hips as it resonates through your speakers. 

Check out Deon Young’s “Kno My Name” music video !