Added by on 2021-04-21

Ready or not here he comes. The artist known as “Steel Sev” was crowned a king in the streets of the South Ward in Newark, NJ also known to the world as “Brick City.” Now he is bringing his harsh realities to his music in hopes of inspiring another up and coming rapper to never give up on their dream to make it in the music business. After releasing his first project, “Man of Steel,” he was discovered by Mr.O.C and his partner E who signed him to their indie label, “Our Cutt Records.”
His latest single, “Having Shhh” is making noise and the fans wanted more. It hit hard in 2020 but the like a volcano, the aftershocks are still being felt in 2021. “Steel Sev” is keeps it coming with his solo project, “Forever Trippin” to be released this spring. He will also be featured on the label’s, “Our Cutt Compilation” along with fellow label mates, “J Woody” and the femme fatale rapper “Nya Lee.” They are all different artists with a different vibe but their energy is electric when combined.
Publicist Lynn Hobson affirms, “Steel Sev brings it in every bar. His flow is smooth and it melts over every lyric he spits. They used to clown him in high school and joke around about how he looked like a character in the infamous film ‘Juice’ starring Tupac. They said he was the spitting image of Steel. That stuck with him. Now that joke is making him money. It’s funny how the tables have turned.”


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