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Atlanta native Young Nudy is on route to a new album rollout, dropping his newest song/video for “2-Face” off his upcoming album DR. EV4L. Featuring G Herbo, 2-Face is a laid back, East-Atlanta jam that truly exhibits Nudy’s organic relationship with contemporary rap music. In the video, Nudy and Herbo casually showcase their raps while kickin’ back with their homies. Simplistic in nature, this is one of those videos that doesn’t need to be eye-catching or incredibly unique in it’s presentation. The track itself holds strong in substance and entertainment, with a jazzy, light piano sample spread just atop some pounding, strong trap drums. The production is really akin to a Young Thug record from 2015; it’s a sound that was originally crafted by producer Wheezy. But, with unique, stylistic vocals from Young Nudy, he displays his own ways of bodying this type of track. The Atlanta rapper is a wild card, an artist paving his own lane. And he hasn’t fell anywhere near short with 2-Face. We’re stoked to hear Young Nudy’s newest album coming this May, but for the time being, peep his newest single/video 2-Face in the link below.

2018 was the Year of The Slimeball, with every release from Young Nudy increasing his trajectory into stardom. Though he had been rapping since 2015, the release of Slimeball 2, 3 years later is what fans started to resonate with. Atlanta rap music has been non-stop vibrant since 2014, and it was only evident an artist like Nudy would sprout out of the soil at some point. Later on, Nudy Land, Slimeball 3, Faded In The Booth, and a 2019 classic titled Sli’merre all would drop, cementing him into the solid, long list of Atlanta legends. But, it doesn’t stop there. Along with these dope releases, an unreleased track titled “Pissy Pamper” otherwise known as “Kid Cudi” featuring an iconic PlayBoi Carti hook would link to the internet, virtually become one of Young Nudy’s most listened to tracks. It was truly shaking the deep voids of social media and rap music news, along with so many copies of the leak being posted after being repeatedly removed for copyright issues. Due to the nature of it’s impact, the song featured a sample that hadn’t been cleared at the time, rendering it incompatible to be officially released on streaming platforms. Any fan of the Slimeball rapper was most likely upset at this news, however, Young Nudy has nothing but strong intentions to keep creating dope, praiseworthy music. 2-Face proves just that.


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