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Published on May 18, 2021
In this episode of “See, The Thing Is…”, Bridget Kelly & Mandii B are joined by Bridget’s life coach, Syreeta, as the three begin by discussing how to move forward being in tune with your emotions and being a strong black woman (4:56), followed by a recap of events from the past week (8:44). Bridget & Mandii go over statements made by their former co-host on Monday morning (16:48) and speak about the specific STTI episode involved (22:00), while also dealing with social media attacks on their character (25:27). Continued discussions by the trio include, navigating in an industry with blurred lines professionally and personally (37:56), dealing with pressure outside of the podcast (48:55), therapy (52:30), why mental health and wellness departments are needed in the industry (1:03:43) and more!


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